Korea – My K-Pop Dream

27 04 2010

Ahn-Nyeong Ha-Seh-Yo!

Korean Dramas & K-pop, with beautiful girls and good looking guys have attracted many viewers across the world. As a Korean drama & K-pop fan (ok I admit that I am an “addict”), I decided to visit the hometown of K-pop.

Upon arrival at Incheon International Airport, I took a domestic flight to Jeju island, which is better known as the “Honeymoon Island”. For most people from my country, a dream honeymoon often entails travelling to far away places and the 3 hot favourites are usually Europe, US and New Zealand. However, for most Koreans, Jeju Island within their country seem to be the number 1 destination. It is of little surprise that Jeju Island is so popular. I have seen the beauty of the island in many Korean dramas that I have watched. However, experiencing the beauty first hand left me speechless. The little (or not so little) island with beautiful mountain, greenery, the beach and the sea totally charmed me. I visited the Seongup Folk Village (which is the traditional Jeju island houses seen in the olden times), the Yongduam Dragon Rock (a nice lava formation by the sea shaped as a dragon), the famous Seongsan Sunrise Peak (a volcanic crater hill offering a splendid view by the coast), the mysterious “Mysterious Road” (where things go uphill) and many places where Korean dramas like “Boys over Flowers”, “All-in”, “Princess Hour” are filmed. Girls will love the Teddy Bear Museum, with all sorts of teddy bears (I can’t stop taking photos and hugging all the lovely bears). Of course, a trip is never perfect without shopping. The island has a popular shopping street called TopDong Street and you can shop to your content here.

After a nice stay at the romantic Jeju island, I flew back to Kimpo airport and headed to Yongpyong Dragon Valley, a ski resort and filming site of Winter Sonata. Although it’s April, there was an unexpected snow and the resort was covered in white, transforming me to the Winter Sonata scene. Unless you are a Winter Sonata fan, there is nothing much at the valley at this time of the year so you may want to visit other places instead.

Yongin Everland is one of my favourite destination in this trip. It is a huge theme park with amusement park (with many thrilling rides – one of which is one of the world longest roller coaster ride lasting more than 3 minutes), zoo, botanical gardens (which has different themes at different time of the year – for example in Spring it features tullips), etc. Back to Seoul, I headed to another thempark – The LotteWorld. This themepark has an indoor and outdoor sessions, connected by a monorail ride. I suggest that you start with the outdoor ones and then make your way to the indoor ones in the evening as the indoor session closed much later in the night. There’s also a performace before the park close (and the indoor themepark will be lit up at night) so make sure you don’t miss this.


– You may want to consider spending a night at Deoksan Spa Castle. This hotel has many spa facilities (in-door and outdoor). The in-door facilities include the hot springs (need to go naked) and the spa swimming pool (you need to wear the swimming attire and cap). Where the weather is slightly warmer, you can go out to the outdoor facilities which has slides and interesting “rides”.

– All main course order will come with kimchi and other Korean “side dishes”. They are refillable and free of charge.

– Do make a trip to Namsan park. During spring, you can view Cherry Blossoms here. It’s also a very popular filming site for Korean dramas.


– For ladies, do drop by Sinchon Fashion Alley, nicknamed as “Korea’s Ladies Street”.

– Dongdaemun Market is another hotspot for shopping and you can get all the trendy Korean clothes and accessories at an affordable price. Apart from Dongdaemum, another good shopping district is the Myongdong Fashion Street where you can also shop to your heart’s content.

– Korean cosmetics such as Faceshop, Etude House, etc are cheap here so make sure you have enough luggage space to house this.