Fancy Dubai

5 12 2018

Fancy architectures, stunning skylines, fast cars and glittering gold, all these are what come to my mind when I think of the “desert land” Dubai. The largest and most populous city in the United Arab of Emirates (UAE), it is really amazing how such an amazing city can be built (and they are constantly building) in the middle of the desert!

You will surely not miss Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world. Located beside the Dubai Mall, this you can get up to the observation deck to take in stunning view of the city. Do remember to book the tickets online in advance to save you some time queuing and be prepared to queue, queue and queue and get up there. The Dubai Mall is also another place that you will likely hang out pretty often during your trip, a good retreat from the desert heat. For the shopping lovers (like me lol), you can really shop till you drop at this mall. Even if shopping is not your cup of tea, the mall has a giant aquarium with an underwater zoo and numerous restaurants that will make you want to go back. The mall also has a fountain show every 30 minutes in the evening similar to the one at Bellagio in Vegas. If you want to catch a nice spot to watch the show, do go earlier to “reserve” your spot. But for those who has seen the show in Vegas, the Dubai’s one may pale in comparison.

The other “must-see” is Burj Al Arab. This 7 stars hotel can only be assessed if you are willing to spurge around USD 2,000 a night for a room here, or to go with the “cheaper” option of dinning in the restaurant at the hotel. For those who are unwilling to dig so deep into their pockets, you can get a good view of Burj Al Arab from the beach or the souk (see tip below).

Another famous site is the Palm Jumeirah. Like the name suggests, this place looks like a palm tree from the air and is said to be the only structure created by man (apart from the Great Wall of China) that one can see from space. The famous The Atlantis Resort is situated at the end of the Palm and is a nice place to spend a day or two for the whole family. See my tip below on how to get there.

The Dubai Creek, the old city and the famous gold and spice souks are also worth a visit. The old Dubai area is a huge contrast to Dubai’s modern and stunning skylines. I will recommend that you start your visit at the old fort (Al Fahidi). From here, it’s about 15 minutes walk to the water taxi berth and you can then take the water taxi for 1 AED across the creek to the spice and gold souks, which are 5 minutes walk from one another. Alternatively, you can take the metro to Al Ras station and walk to the souks.

Also, less than a hour drive from the city center will take you into the Arabian desert where you can ride the camel, do some sand-boarding or go on a four-wheel drive into the desert. I will strongly recommend this even if you have seen other deserts before.


1. Getting to/from the airport: The metro connects well the airport and the city. This is the cheapest way of travel though taxi (the most convenient way) is not that expensive compared to the European and US cities. You can get a day pass which allows you unlimited rides on metro, buses and trams.

2. Getting around Dubai: The metro is an efficient and cheap means for of transport around central Dubai. However, the taxi is not expensive compared to Europe or US so for those places requiring you to change to a bus after the metro (eg Atlantis, Burj Al Arab), it may be a wiser choice to take the taxi to avoid the hassle.

3. The best time to go will be during the winter season where the weather is pretty cooling unless you fancy the dessert heat.

4. Dress code: Dubai like the rest of Middle East region is an Islamic Emirate, though it is one of the most liberal of all Emirates. It is advisable that you dress modestly. For women, dress should be below the knees and wear top with sleeves. Avoid tight fitting or revealing clothes. If you are visiting a mosque, you will need to wear a head scarf and ensure your arms and legs are covered up.

5. Getting to Atlantis: Take metro to Damac Properties station and change tram to station 9 (Palm Jumeirah). Thereafter, you will need to follow the marked pathway (through a carpark) to the Atlantis light rail station and take the light rail across to Atlantis. You will need at least a day in Atlantis if you want to try out the rides at the water parks. If you just want to see Atlantis and possibly visit the aquarium, half a day will suffice.

6. You can take in the wonderful view of Burj Al Arab from the beach around it. The one beside it (a private beach of Jumeirah Beach Hotel) is only available to its guests or if you pay a fee to access it. Alternatively, go to the public beach next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel which is free and I will recommend this option if you just want to see Burj Al Arab. You can also catch the view of the building from the soul (which sees the other side of the building).

What to Eat:

Below are my top 3 restaurants (not in any order):

1) Red Lobster at the Dubai Mall – good value for lobsters lover. I love it so much that I dine here for a few meals.

2) The Meat Co – Great quality food with a good view of the Burj Al Arab

3) The Fish Hut – For fish and other seafood lovers, this place serves them well and at a very reasonable price.