I finally made it to Stockholm!

27 12 2016

Whenever I met up with a friend, she will keep rattling about how beautiful Stockholm is. Well not just her, many travellers to this city have all crowned this city as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. So when I visited Norway, I intended to make a side trip from Oslo to Stockholm but regretfully, I didn’t manage to find time from my tight itinerary. So a year later when I was planning a Nordic trip, I deliberately put Stockholm as one of my must see destination.

I was glad I did. The city is indeed beautiful, set on hundreds of islands in a lagoon. In the old town, one can find beautiful architecture with yellow buildings and cobblestones streets. Want to understand more on the Swedish history and culture? There are plentiful museums such as Vasa museum and Skansen. I particularly love the Skansen (Open Air Museum) which showcase various Swedish buildings across different periods and is a good place to understand Swedish culture and of course take nice photos. Or why not just take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront and the Old Town (Gamla Stan) where sights such as The Royal Palace,The Parliament House, Gustaf Adolf’s square, King’s Garfen, etc?

Food wise, Sweden is not all about Swedish meatballs. In fact, the locals laughed that Swedish meatball is the invention of a furniture shop (aka IKEA) and not their national cuisine. So what is Sweden national cuisine? Nothing specific but the country does have plentiful seafood so seafood stew and mussels are my top favourite.


– Take flybus to Central station which is a lot cheaper than the express train. Savings in terms of time via express train is around 25 minutes but price is almost double.

– There is a changing of guards at the Royal Palace daily at around 12pm. You can check with the hotel concierge for the exact timing as the timing differs depending on the season.

– Sweden uses Swedish Kroner. However, you do not need to change to any local currency as credit card can be accepted almost everywhere even if you are making a small purchase. For public transport (eg bus and tram), just buy the tickets from the ticket machine which accepts credit card.

– For hotel, I was staying at Radisson Blu near the bus/train station. A very decent hotel in a good and continent location.



3 responses

15 11 2017


I can always go back to your travel blog when I want to start planning for another Europe trip. Thanks for all the info re: Switzerland and Austria (Salzburg & Vienna).

I am planning on a Scandi trip next year, but I gather it is best to do 2 countries over 10 days, though I would love to cover all the 3 at one go.

Keep up the good work on this blog. I’m sure I will come back for more info on the Nordic countries. I am looking at the mermaid and also ABBA in Denmark n Sweden 🙂

16 11 2017

Thanks for your nice comments! Scandi and the Nordic are nice though rather expensive places.

It all depends on which countries you are looking at. Some countries may not need so much time versus others. Some depending on which countries you are planning and what you want to see, you could do 2-3. For example, do you only want to see the capital cities? Or do you want to go into arctic circle? Based on what you want, you can then plan out your itinerary. I highly recommend Norway which is beautiful but that country alone will need 4 days minimum without going into the arctic circle and a week (at least) if you want to venture into the arctic circle. With this, you can possibly add on Stockholm (in Sweden) and Copenhagen (in Denmark) if you just want to see the capital cities in these two countries.

Happy to help 🙂

16 11 2017

Yes, Scandi n Nordic are even more expensive than Switzerland
Thanks for your offer to help, if if you dont mention it, I think I will still ‘bother’ you next year.

Meanwhile I will bear in mind your recommendation of Norway being the top, among these countries. In fact, I borrowed a travel book on Scandi countries to read first.

I have to first work on my Mar/Apr trip to Japan – Fukuoka to witness the iconic cherry blossom. Have yet to start planning, which I should do it now. Other than air ticket redemption from airmiles and reservation of hotels. I have not started on anything yet.

Intend to cover Fukuoka, Kyoto, Otsu and back from Tokyo. Had book hotel in Hiroshima but not sure whether will go there or I leave it out for the next trip since Silkair flies direct to Hiroshima now.

You have a good week and weekend ahead. Speak to you again


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