Merry Christmas all year round – Rovaniemi

24 12 2015

It is Christmas again! On this Christmas eve, I will like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Christmas is my favourite holiday season. It is not just the season for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus but many non-Christians are also celebrating this festival of giving. One of the most loved characters in the world is of course our dear Santa Claus. I still remember that as a young kid, I would pester my parents to take me to the shopping malls to meet Santa. Not surprisingly, I was not alone. When Santa appeared, all the kids will be rushing to gather around him, telling him that we have been good children and worthy of a present from him 🙂

Santa 1

It is well known that Santa’s hometown is very far north and rather inaccessible and hence the best place to see him is to visit his office in the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. So when I had the chance to take a little break, I decided to brave the cold weather and make my way all the way to Rovaniemi in Finland to fulfil my childhood Christmas fantasy. It is not really the most convenient places to visit as one would need to take a domestic flight from Helsinki up into the Arctic circle.

Airport 1.jpg

The Christmas atmosphere started as soon as I landed in Rovaniemi. The whole airport is decorated with Christmas decorations and Santa Claus pictures and figurines can be seen at almost every corner. So you can imagine how Christmassy Santa Claus Village is. Apparently, this is THE PLACE where it is Christmas all year round! The little village has many beautiful buildings covered with Christmas lightings and snow.

ROvaniemi 3

My first stop is Santa’s office. I was quite surprised that there was a long queue to meet him and those in the line are not just kids but many adults! I guess that we all want to re-live our childhood dreams to see Santa. When it was my turn to meet Santa, an elf came forward to me and asked if I have been good, to which I reassured him lol.  He gave me the thumbs up then escorted me into Santa’s office which is a large festive studio with a photographer elf. Santa was sitting on his comfortable arm chair. He graciously offered the seat beside him and I never forget those few moments when we chatted and took some photos. It was as if he has some magical powers which can remove all my worries and enthralled me with happiness. No words can describe the feeling and you just need to experience it yourself J

Postcard 1.jpg

The other attractions in the Santa Claus Village are the Santa Post Office where you can send a letter to anywhere globally and the letter would carry the special Santa Claus stamp. There are also rides that one that take like reindeer rides, dog sledging, snowmobile and more.


Circle 1

Rovaniemi 5

Santa must have brought me luck. I did not know that there was an annual reindeer racing competition in Rovaniemi where reindeers will race against one another down a long snowy path pulling their owners in ski behind them to see who the fastest reindeer is to be pulling Santa’s sledge. I would say that the race was the most entertaining and unique one that I have ever seen, one that many others and I were willing to brave the really cold and windy weather.

Reindeer 2

Rovaniemi 1

I have seen travel shows featuring snow hotels where the whole hotel is made of ice and snow and thus took the opportunity to visit the Arctic Snow Hotel, about 45 minutes’ drive from Rovaniemi city centre. It was really fascinating and gorgeous to see the entire hotel (an igloo) made of ice with the rooms, the beds, tables, chairs and even cups crafted out from ice. There is a nice ice chapel in hotel and it will really be cool (literally and figuratively) to say “I do” here! Guess what, as I stood out of the ice hotel, the whole sky was lighted with the mysterious and enchanting northern lights!! This was my second time seeing the lights, the first being in Iceland. I did made a northern lights trip up to Tromso the year before but the weather was so bad that I did not sight anything. This time round, I was crossing my fingers on whether I would be lucky to see one but was pleasantly surprise to see an amazing show due to extraordinary solar activities! Was this the work of Santa and his elves? 😛

Lights 2

LIghts 3.jpg

My stay in the Lapland was short but I would say that it was one of the most magical and exhilarating experiences for me. Like many adults, my belief in Santa diminished as the years go by. But does it really matter whether Santa is real? He has brought and will surely continue to bring joyfulness to everyone who believes in him. Well, it is the spirit of Christmas that really matters. This is the season to be merry, to share and to bring joy to all those around us. Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!!!


  • December is the peak season so if you would like cheaper air fares and accommodation, do visit during the off-peak season such as February. There is still snow and it is cool to have Christmas again just two months after Christmas J
  • There is no charge to visit Santa Claus Village but you need to pay if you will like to do some activities (e.g. reindeer ride, dog sledging, etc).
  • It is free to meet Santa. Photos will be taken and if you want them, you need to buy. Purchase is optional.
  • To get to the Santa Claus Village, you can take bus number 8. Check out the bus schedule as it does not run frequently.
  • You should spend some time in Helsinki which I have blog separately



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24 12 2015

Merry Christmas…

24 12 2015

Merry Christmas!

24 12 2015


24 12 2015

Wonderful post and beautiful photos. My favorite place is the Arctic Circle in Lapland

Merry Christmas.

24 12 2015

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!

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