Milan & The Last Supper

14 10 2012

An impromptu decision and the carefree traveller went jet setting again, this time to Italy. My first stop was Milan where a friend of more than twenty years awaited me.

Milan, the city of fashion, is shoppers’ heaven. The super “atas” (Singlish for high end) shopping area at Galleria and also the fashion district at Via Monte Napoleone certainly can keep a shopper occupied and happy (forget all about the following month when the credit card bills come).

But Milan is not just all about shopping. The famous Milan Duomo (1st picture on top), the Castello Sforzesco (picuture on top) and the Sempione Park with the Arch of Peace (see below), the town hall with Leonardo da Vinci statute, Colonne di san Lorenzo and the Triennale are amongst the must-see sights in Milan. Of course, if you are like me who just have to see the Leonardo’s Last Supper instead of in the books, this great masterpiece is located in Santa Maria dele Grazie which is just a short walk from the Duomo area (around 20 minutes).

I had a wonderful time in Milan. Even though it is not the usual “tourist spot” especially on those fantasy tours, Milan is a great start of my wonderful journey through the beautiful Itanian lands, all thanks to my wonderful friend of 20+ years and her charming husband who specially took a day off to show me round the city and off the beaten path 🙂


1) Make sure you validate your train and any transportation tickets. The validation machine is located at the platform (usually either a yellow or green box). There’s hefty fine if you fail to validate the tickets.

2) to get from Malpensa airport to Milan city centre, the fastest way is to take the Malpensa Express. Note that there are 2 different lines to Milan city centre – one from Malpensa airport to Milan Central (which is the central train station) and the other from Malpensa airport to Cardona station. If you are going to Duomo or other main tourist sights, take the one going to Cardona which is closer and pretty much walkable to most sights (cost €11 per way). It takes slightly more than 30 minutes. The one to the Central station costs €10 and takes around 1 hour. Buy the tickets at the self vending machine or the ticket office and remember to validate your tickets at the platform! One more thing, there may be people there at the vending machine who wants to help you buy the tickets. DO NOT get them to do it as they are not the staff of Malpensa Express and will ask you for money for their services after they helped you.

3) The Duomo is really beautiful. However, take note of those African people standing in the square in front of the Duomo who tried to sell you (or what they will say give you for free) friendship bands. Remember, there is no free lunch. If they just pushed the bands to you or put the on your shoulders, make sure you throw the bands back to them else they will later chase you for money. Likewise, many people love to take photos with the pigeons.

4) To see The Last Supper, make sure you book the tickets at least 1 month in advance at[evento]&id_evento=298097&wms_op=cenacoloVinciano&SiteVersion=1 or you can try agencies like If you can’t manage to grab the tickets, there are also day tours that include this but it will be more expensive (but these tours also sold out fast so net, book early). The viewing of the Last Supper is restricted to 15 minutes at the allocated timing. Try to be there half an hour beforehand as they are pretty strict with the time and will not let you in if you miss your slot.

5) Want to see the “golden McDonalds”? Head to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II just beside the Duomo and you will find it 🙂



1) Food in the north and south usually differ in most countries. Similarly, in Italy, cream is largely available in the North but less so in the South. Hence, you will find food that have some cream in them in the North like Milan and Venice. If you don’t like cream, you can try asking for tomato based pasta or just tell them that you want cream in your food.

2) If you are on a tight budget, look out for small eateries selling take-away pizzas. They do have set lunch or dinner which comes with the pizza + drink + dessert

3) One thing I love about Italy is that the Italians love ice-cream! I can have yummy gelato (Italian for ice-cream) everyday. Life is such a bliss 🙂 If you see the brand “GROM”, do pop in to grab some gelato as it is one of the earliest gelato in Italy.




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14 10 2012
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