Antelope Canyon, you are indeed beautiful!

20 07 2012

Britney fans ~ I am sure her MTV “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” should not be alien to you. When I first saw the MTV, I was thinking “wow the place where she shot the MTV is nice! Where is that place?” I later found out that it was shot at Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell near Page Arizona and it is one of the favourite shooting spots found in many photography competitions. Just by looking at the MTV and photos, I told myself that I MUST make a trip there. I am so glad I did. The highlight of my whole US trip this around which really makes me go wow wow wow is really Antelope Canyon. So despite it being a distance from Vegas, the whole journey was all worth it. The canyon is just awesome and its beauty is really beyond words. It is so beautiful that I felt it warants a separate posting 🙂


– What you can do (which is what I did) was combining the visit with Zion and Bryce Canyon. You can go to Zion (3 hours from Vegas), then Bryce (another 3 hours from Zion) and from Bryce it’s another 3 hours to Page. Stay overnight in Page and visit Antelope Canyon the next morning. You will need to get on a jeep operated by the Red Indians as this is a protected land of the Red Indians. After the tour of Antelope Canyon, you can get on to a cruise of Lake Powell. In the afternoon, you can make the way back to Vegas (which is a 5 hours straight drive). For those who does not want to drive, there’s a tour from Vegas operated by Lassen Tours with the exact itinerary as above.

– There are many hotels in Page. However, if you want to have a “special stay”, you can try one of the boathouse accomodation on Lake Powell. I didn’t manage to do that due to time constraint but I heard that it is quite nice.




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