Big Apple New York ~ Sex and the City

11 12 2011

Big apple New York, the city that never sleeps. As a die-hard fan of sex and the city, I can’t wait to visit the city which Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda roamed. Therefore, I made special plans to fly out of Americas via New York, which gave me the chance to explore the hometown of sex and the city.

New York is indeed the type of city that I loved. Strolling down New York’s famous Fifth Avenue, I felt like I was in the Sex and the City show watching people walked pass, window shop, and the places where the 4 ladies met for the catch-ups and gossips. I also visited Onieal’s Speakeasy (which the popular bar Scout which the 4 ladies love to frequent), Magnolia Bakery (where Carrie and Miranda devoured cupcakes), the Plaza Hotel (where Carrie bid Mr Big goodbye and also the place where Mr Big hosted his engagement party with another girl), Louis K. Meisel Gallery at 141 Prince Street (where Charlotte works) and many more of the filming locations in Big Apple. Of course, I did other touristy stuff such as having a nice walk in Central Park, visiting the superb Metropolitian Musuem (I love this!),walking to the Wall Street (and seeing the “Occupy Wall Street” protest), strolling along Brooklyn Bridge, and took the cruise to see the famous Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island. As night falls, Times Square and Broadway is so vibrant with the beautiful lightnings and of course, the broadway shows!

New York is the city that will never bore anyone. But one thing though, like most cities, New York is not all the glamous as what Sex and the City portrays. It does have the not so nice sight (like the city may not be that clean, etc) so don’t be disappointed by what you see. Overall, New York is a city that will blast your head off. Have lots of fun shopping and partying!


– Make sure you reserve a day to visit the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island (which has the museum showcasting the history of immigration into the US). You can book the tickets for the cruise online. If you want to visit the inside of the Stature of Liberty (the Crown or the Pedestal), you HAVE to pre-book. Especially for the Crown access, booking is generally required 6 months in advance to secure the ticket to the Crown.

– Do plan to watch at least 1 broadway show. It is really great!

– Metropolitan Museum (otherwise known as the MET museum) is a MUST to visit (it’s one of the world’s top 4 museums). The entrance fee is only a “recommended” fee so you need not pay the full fee (you can pay any amount you like to get in). However, since the museum relies on the fees to maintain its exhibits, I suggest that if you pay as much as you can afford it. By the way, you need at least 1 full day to see the whole muesum so if you are a museum go-er, make sure you factor in the time needed.

– Do visit the M&M store. You will be lost in the happy wonderland of M&Ms.

– Hotels in New York is never cheap. The further you get from Broadway/Times Square, the cheaper the price will be. If you are on a budget, just pick any hotel near to the Metro. The New York transport system is pretty efficient and you will reach your destination in no time. However, I prefer to stay in the centre of the city and hence paid a bomb for the accomodation.

– Navigating a foreign transport system can be a bit overwhelming the 1st time. But once you understand how the system works, it is really easy. The routes of the Metros are named by numbers. So just take note of the train number (ie 1, 2, 3, 4, etc) and note the direction that you are travelling to. For certain routes, it may be served by a few numbers but not all the train numbers which run on the route will stop at all stations (some train number is express and limited stops only). So take note what train number stops at the station that you are located (or want to visit). It is all written on the Metro map so just look carefully and all will be well.


– We often call cheesecake as “New York Cheesecake” right? So make sure you eat the New York Cheesecake in New York! I recommend Junior’s Cheesecake (the Strawberry ones) which is really yummy. You’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into an episode of Sex and the City.

– Carneige Deli located at 854 7th Aveunue (55th street) is one of my favourite. They are famous for their pastrami and cheesecake. Note that the portion is really huge so you may want to share. There’s a surcharge to share (an additional amount you need to pay to share) but it works out to be much cheaper than buying 2 sets. Anyway, 1 set is good enough for 2 (and for small eaters, it may be good enough for 3!).

– Pizzas are cheap, really cheap. 1 big piece only cost US$1 at most pizza shops so if you are on a tight budget, it’s a good choice.

– Do note that the food price recorded on the board generally exclude taxes (eg in Starbucks) so don’t get a shock when you are asked to pay more than the price you see.


– Century 21 near to the World Trade Center is a departmental store that sells many branded goods at huge discount.

– Woodbury Premium Outlet (an hour from New York) is THE PLACE to go for 1 day shopping trip. You can take a coach from Port Authority (a return ticket cost US$42). Tickets can be purchased on the spot. For details, refer to

– For higher end shopping, Macy’s (near Broadway) is a good start. I love Bloomindale’s (at 1000 3rd Avenue) too.

– For ladies, do head to the Victoria’s Secrets store for your inner beauty.

– Basically most things are cheaper in the US so make sure you bring a big luggage (or buy one there since Samsonite and Victorix are much cheaper in US).




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