Ottawa ~ Capital of Canada

20 11 2011

Departing Montreal for Toronto via train, I made a stopover at Ottawa, the capital of Canada. From the main train station, there’s a bus that goes to the city centre (around 25 minutes ride).

The main sights in Ottawa city centre are all within walking distance. Dragging my luggage with me, I strolled along the streets of Ottawa, visiting the beautiful Parliment Hill, the Supreme Court, Notre Dame Basilica, Rideau Hall, the Canadian Aviation Museum, Byward Market, Veterans Memorial Buildings, Rideau Canal, etc. I particularly like the Parliment Hill, with the lush green in the foreground, the nice majestic buildings in the background, and the famous Centennial Flame at the centre of a fountain located symmetrically in the walkway between the Queen’s Gates and the Peace Tower.


– Sightseeing places in Ottawa are mostly concentrated in the city centre. Hence, most of them are accessible by foot. If you are not looking at spending time in the muesums, a half day stoppver in Ottawa will be more than sufficient. I will think that Ottawa is always a good stopover when travelling between Toronto to Montreal/Quebec, providing a good rest spot.

– If you are visting Ottawa during winter, the Rideau Canal will be a good place for ice skating. Note that Canadian winter is very harsh though so be very prepared!

– Prices that is shown generally exclude taxes so don’t get a shock when you are asked to pay more than what you see.



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