Tokyo – The City of Light

29 10 2009

Tokyo, termed as the city of lights, is an interesting city, with great shopping coupled with sightseeing. Below are a couple of sightseeings that I did in Tokyo.

Sightseeing 1: Asakusa (Estimated time: 2.5 hours)
I took the Metro (Ginza Line) to Asakusa Station (Exit 1). There walk to the Kaminarimon Gate, Nakamise Shopping Arcade and then to the Asakusa Kannon Temple.

Sightseeing 2: Imperial Palace (Estimated time: 2.5 hours)
Imperial Palace is located near various Metro stations (such as Nijubashimae, Takebashi station) as well as the Tokyo JR station. You would pass by the Imperial Palace Plaza before reaching the Nijubashi Bridge, which is the favourite photo taking sight. Thereafter, a 10 minutes walk would bring you to the palace’s East Garden (Otemon gate) which is opened from 9 am to 4.30pm daily (admission is free).

Sightseeing 3: Tokyo Bay & Tokyo Tower (Estimated time: 3.5 hours)
If you have the metro pass that comes together with the Keisei Skyliner), take the metro to ___ station (on the Ginza line). From there, it is around 20 minutes walk to the Tokyo Bay which is a nice seafront.

From Tokyo Bay, walk around 15 minutes to the Tokyo Tower. A nice photo of the tower can be taken from the Chujenji Temple.

Shopping: Ginza or Shibuya or Harujuku or Shinjuku
After viewing the Tokyo Tower, hope on to the metro to either Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku or Shinjuku for a nice shopping spree. I would recommend that more time be spend at Shinjuku as there are many big shopping malls such as Takashimaya, Times Square, Isetan there (so you might want to delicate 1 full day or more to Shinjuku shopping). You can get the Burberry Blue Label and Agnes B from Basement 2 in Isetan (main shop) in Shinjuku.

Sightseeing 4: A Day of Magical Adventure
Disneyland and Disneysea can be reached via the JR line from Tokyo station to Maihama station. The journey takes around 40 minutes. The entrance fee for a 1 day pass is 5,800 yen. I would suggest spending 1 full day there in view of the time required to queue for the rides, as well as various shows going on (especially the fireworks which start at 8.30pm).




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